Step 1 - Shop Around

Get quotes for your shipment from major auto transport carriers. 

Step 2 - Name Your Price

After you get pricing from major carriers, place your bid below to save an additional 15-30%.

Step 3 - Wait 2 Hours

Within 2 hours our system will notify you if your bid is successful.

How does the service work?

Traditional car shipping carriers base their prices on several well known factors:

  1. Price of gas
  2. Distance between locations
  3. Popularity of locations (pricing is higher outside of popular truck routes)
  4. Seasonal Trends

However, what most people don't already know is that there is another major factor of price - right place and right time.

The right place and right time happens when car carriers are near a specific town and are almost full. At that time, car carriers are ready to travel to their next destinations, but often wait around to fill their load. In this scenario, to avoid waiting around, car carriers usually accept drastically lower offers for their services.

When your bid is submitted, our system identifies these opportunities among 30,000 car carriers nationwide and makes an offer to car carriers on your behalf. If your offer is accepted, your vehicle can be picked up as soon as on the same day.